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The Little Black Box V2 Update

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The Little Black Box V2 - Kenmerken - Tweakers

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the little black box v2

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re referring to as “the little black box v2.” Can you please provide more context or information about what you are looking for?

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The Little Black Box V2 Device Review - Youtube
The Little Black Box V2 Device Review – Youtube
The Little Black Box V2 - Kenmerken - Tweakers
The Little Black Box V2 – Kenmerken – Tweakers
The Little Black Box V2 - Coolblue - Voor 23.59U, Morgen In Huis
The Little Black Box V2 – Coolblue – Voor 23.59U, Morgen In Huis


(Last few pieces left, Last chance to get your Own Little Black Box) 

The 2023 Little Black Box is a curated premium collection of the best journaling experience ever. In the box, you can find a thoughtfully designed, and well-detailed comprehensive journaling kit. In addition to the main journal, which is 480 pages and Hard Bound, with Gold Foiled Bohemian Themed Cover Design, you’ll also get a “Year Planner”, which is 222 pages with a lot more space for each date. You’ll also get a sticker book and a desk calendar in a beautiful, reusable Little Black Box. This extra detailed, spacious, journal, planner, and all the books in the kit are printed on 110 GSM ink bleed-resistant premium soft-touch paper.

In the 2023 Little Black Box, you’ll get

  1. The 2023 Journal
  2. The 2023 Planner
  3. A Sticker Book
  4. A Desk Calendar

As launch freebies, you’ll get

  1. A Travel Journal
  2. A mini Notebook 
  3. Self Care Chapbook
  4. Set of 20 Greeting Cards
  5. Set of 6 DIY Bookmarks
  6. Bookmark Scale
  7. The – keepsake – Little Black Box



Size – B5 Portrait (176*250 mm); Hard Bound, Open Flat type layout; Gold Foiled Bohemian Themed Cover Design;  Two Ribbons Bookmark ribbons;  480 pages; 110 GSM ink bleed resistant premium soft-touch paper; Pocket in Back Inner Cover; Boho Floral framed margin design; Perforated sheets at year-end

Annual SpreadsAnnual Pages Space to write everything you love about yourself – What I love about me; Highlights of 2022; Calendar and year at glance 2023; Calendar 2024; Vision board for your professional life and personal life; Level 10 Goals settings; Mind Mapping Spaces; A section to explore New Ideas;  Bucket List for all things you ever wanted to do; Travel Planner for all the pending travels; Skills to Build; Medicine History & Vaccine History to keep track of your health; Memories Lane for photographs;  Books that you read/want to read; To help you remember your Password; Movie Library; TV/OTT Tracker; Recognise those Amazing People in your life; Top Influencers you get inspired & entertained; Your Proud Moments; Annual Tracker by Months; Annual Tracker by Days; Blank Pages

Monthly Spreads A Letter or a note to yourself to fuel you through the month; Beautiful Bohemian month cover designs; Month Planner to track birthdays and important events; Space to track the progress of your level 10 goals; Bigger Journal spreads (a week at a glance); Weekly review; Space for Brain Dump, just pour your heart out; Happiness Jar to remind you of all those small happy goosebump moments; Emotional Wellness Tracker, know the flow of emotions that you have; Reflect on What is new today; 2-page Gratitude journal spreads; Space to track all your habits, 2023 here you come; Daily Tracker; 4-page Fitness trackers, get healthier and fitter this year;  Track all your meals, every day. Know how many cheat meals you took; Finance Tracker with Financial Manifestation and Blank space for anything you want to track; And a beautiful Monthly Recap.

4-page Quarterly Recap Spreads; Year End spreads Tear Away shopping/to-do/packing list, Notes sheets / Blank Pages


Size B5 Portrait (176*250 mm); Hard Bound, Open Flat type layout; Super Premium Black on Black with Gold Accents Cover Design; Pocket in Back Inner Cover; Perforated sheets at year-end; Boho Pastel colored framed margin and boxes design.

Annual Spreads 4-page Year Planner – 2023 with a lot more space for each date;  2024 Calendar; Manifest your Bucket List; Things that inspire you; Goals you need to crush; Annual tracker by months & by days.

Monthly SpreadsElegant Bohemian month cover designs; Month Planner; Week at a glance section designed to help you organize your schedule and stay productive; Time blocking to set aside certain chunks of time to focus on a specific task/activity; Daily Tasks to accomplish; Pick your Priority of the Day; Daily tracking; Track a habit or an activity with the monthly tracker; Goals Progress; Inspiration corner; Notes pages;  Tear off note sheets at the end.

Sticker Book

The best Sticker Book you can get {Size B5 (250 * 176 mm); 32 Sheets of Stickers.

A Sticker Book we designed to be the best companion to your journaling experience! 32 sheets of Stickers. There is a lot of variety as well. Stickers for special occasions involving festivals of various types. The sticker book has self-care stickers and a lot of beautiful pastel-themed stickers which can be used in both the journal and the planner. There are also themed sticker sets to be used in your happiness jar each month as well. So, let’s start playing with these stickers and stick them everywhere we like them to be!

A Desk Calendar 

Size B5 Landscape (250*176 mm) 300 GSM Art paper. Gold Foiled Bohemian Cover Design

Desk Planner is all that you ever wanted because this helps you stay really organized and systematic on your tasks so that nothing ever slips out of your radar, and you are more productive than ever. We now have a matching design for each month of the journal. Whether you want to plan your day out or even your week out this is the easy approach and we have more space to write & track. The key to excelling in this trade is all about being specific. Being specific in the tasks that are high priority and that should be completed no matter what on a given day should be etched on this desk calendar. And spending some time regularly to plan all these is a must. We’ve also included a Mini calendar of the previous and next months on each page. So, miss out on any of your important tasks.

And these are the freebies that you’ll get. Psst… this once-in-a-lifetime offer, only till the stock lasts…


2023’s Black Box deserves special mention. It is the most personalized journaling experience that you can ever get. The Journal Kit with YOUR NAME on it. First of all it’s not so little anymore. It’s a Long-lasting high-quality construction with an elegant and luxurious black and gold design with a glossy finish. 

Freebie1 – Travel Journal Size B6 landscape – (176 * 125 mm); 120 pages, Hard Bound, Open Flat type layout;  A small but cute Journal with a Pocket on the back inner cover crafted in a way you can carry it wherever you travel. Created solely for you to not miss out on absolutely anything and to keep your tracking on point just the way you’re doing it on the main Journal. Whether it is your expenses, or some unforgettable memories, which you can Tear off and can paste into the journal directly – you can note down and track everything systematically. 

Freebie 2 – Self-Care Chapbook Size B5 (176 * 250 mm); 100 Sheets, letter pad design; 10 sheets of coloring pages; 30 self-reflection questions.

This is a multipurpose Self-Care Chapbook that you can use as a Self-Reflection journal, Letter Pad, Brain Dumb, Burn after writing pages to outlet your anger, and coloring pages to release stress. This is a perfect opportunity to learn and improve yourself! Be mindful that content is more important than presentation. Process & immediacy are the keywords here.

Freebie 3 – Greeting Cards Greeting cards with envelopes ( 125*176 mm size after folding; 20 cards with 20 envelopes; Bohemian-themed Box size B6) The digital climate of WhatsApp forwards and group emails can never be a proxy for a physical greeting card that remains to be an unadulterated emblem of love, praise, reverence, clemency, and gratitude. 

Greeting cards distributed during the Festive season, New Year, or Christmas are more than just celebrating the occasion. And we have 40 cards with envelopes that you can use It is to tell someone that they’re not invisible, they are noticed, felt and tangible. It brings a sense of happiness, and joy to one’s face, and doing this is a must-have for everyone!

Freebie 4 – Mini Notebook Size B6 Portrait (125*176 mm);  120 pages. Hard Bound, Open Flat type layout. A Beautiful floral framed margin design with a pocket in the back inner cover. It has 4 types of sheets in it (Blank, Lines, Square Grid, & Dot Grid) 

Freebie 5 – DIY Bookmark kit Set of 6 DIY bookmarks with minimal designs that match with monthly spreads that are durable and easy to use.

Freebie 6 – Bookmark Scales A Lightweight, easy-to-use bookmark scale with an Elegant bohemian rustic brown finish. It has both inches and cm that you can measure up to 23 cm or 9 inches.

And, your very own keepsake, THE LITTLE BLACK BOX, with YOUR NAME on it. #

Additional Benefits

  1. Access to The Tall Elephant Journaling Community Group.
  2. Access to Live sessions from our founder Krupalini on staying on track of journaling consistently.
  3. Irresistible discounts on your future purchases on The Tall Elephant
  4. Free Access to an interactive session on How to set up your Tall Elephant Journal Kit for 2023.

And one more surprise is there for you. See it during the launch

* Shipping within 7 working days. 

** There will be no COD or cancellations for these orders

*** In case you receive damaged pieces, we will replace them.

****Accessories and Props shown in the pictures are not part of the product.

*****Products shown in the pictures are pre-production samples, there will be slight differences in the final production pieces.

# In case you have not given the custom name option while placing the order, the first name (No Initials, No Space, Max 10 Characters) from the billing name will be printed on the box. Contact us on 9886 30 50 51 if you want to change it

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