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Laravel Create Folder If Not Exists New update

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laravel create folder if not exists

You can create a folder if it does not already exist in Laravel by using the Storage facade. Here’s an example code snippet:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Storage; // set the directory name $directory = 'example-directory'; // create the directory if it does not exist if (!Storage::exists($directory)) { Storage::makeDirectory($directory); }

In this example, we first set the name of the directory we want to create ($directory). Then we check if the directory already exists using the exists() method of the Storage facade. If it does not exist, we create it using the makeDirectory() method.

Note that the makeDirectory() method will create the directory within the default disk configured in your Laravel application. If you want to create the directory in a different disk, you can specify the disk name as the first argument of the makeDirectory() method. For example:


This would create the directory in the s3 disk, assuming that you have configured the s3 disk in your config/filesystems.php file.

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PHP create file if not exists

To create a file in PHP if it doesn’t already exist, you can use the file_exists() function to check if the file exists, and if it doesn’t, create the file using fopen() function.

Here is an example:

$filename = "example.txt"; if (!file_exists($filename)) { $file = fopen($filename, "w"); fwrite($file, "This is a new file created by PHP"); fclose($file); echo "File created successfully!"; } else { echo "File already exists."; }

In this example, we first check if the file exists using the file_exists() function. If it doesn’t, we create a new file using the fopen() function with “w” mode (which means write mode). We then write some data to the file using the fwrite() function, close the file using the fclose() function, and display a message indicating that the file was created successfully.

If the file already exists, we display a message indicating that the file already exists.

Create folder Laravel

As an AI language model, I do not have direct access to your file system. However, I can guide you on how to create a folder in Laravel.

In Laravel, you can create a new folder using the mkdir function. The mkdir function takes the path of the new directory as its first parameter and an optional second parameter to specify the file permissions.

Here is an example of how to create a new folder called “myfolder” in the root directory of a Laravel application:

<?php $path = public_path('myfolder'); if (!file_exists($path)) { mkdir($path, 0777, true); }

In this example, the public_path function returns the absolute path to the public directory of the Laravel application. The file_exists function is used to check if the folder already exists before creating it. The mkdir function is used to create the folder with the specified permissions. The true parameter passed to mkdir specifies that any missing parent directories should also be created.

You can adjust the path and permissions as needed for your specific use case.

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